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A Critical Pause

August 28, 2009

My apologies for the long absence.

Much of it is due to simply being too busy and distracted by other aspects of work and life in general.

It’s certainly not because there isn’t anything to talk about.  The downtown continues making baby steps toward establishing a more cohesive and deliberate sense of urbanism.  Several huge events—Back to the Bricks and the CRIM marathon—continue to grow and not only have an interesting impact on the form and scale of the city, but frequently leaves a positive impression in the minds and eyes of all those suburbanites who come to Flint for these events and then quickly leave.  The potential auction of the Motors Liquidation Company property (the so-called “bad assets” that General Motors so easily sloughed off) like the Chevy-in-the-Hole and Buick City sites continues to drive further speculation and dire warnings concerning the future of their redevelopment and the future of the city.  Then there are, as always, the countless little things and happens that come and go with the any city, that present intriguing questions, give rise to new ideas or just make for a nice photo…

But I’ve also taken a very deliberate break to give more thought to the nature of this blog, its tone, content and perspective.  I very much want this to be a positive, engaged and thought-provoking exploration of design, landscape and urbanism in the City of Flint.  But I’ll be honest—I find it extremely difficult to remain very positive when turning a critical eye towards some aspects of design and development I see in Flint and my passion gets the better of me.  With that in mind, I’ve been attempting to establish how to better balance the perspective of this blog can tackle these issues without turning away anyone interested in reading it.

I look forward to posting soon…

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