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The Silver City on Facebook…

September 7, 2009

The Silver City is jumping on the social media bandwagon!

You’ll notice a new badge in the column to the right that links to The Silver City’s Facebook fan page and current status.  It’s far from elegant but a better solution isn’t available without establishing a paid host for this site.  That’s something I’m keeping on the back burner until such time (if ever) that this blog starts to take off and out-grows its present scope.

The Facebook badge does provide a convenient link to an easy-to-use service for posting links, comments, thoughts and photos that don’t necessarily warrant a whole post.  And it’s free!

Unfortunately, none of these options are very compatible with my new Blackberry as the Facebook App is just awful (it hogs the radio and prevents any other apps, emails, or other linked programs from updating) and the WordPress app is fairly clunky and going to take some getting used to.  I’d love to make use of the mobility and quickness of such a device though, because sometimes the best little bits of urbanity and quirks of the city are fleeting and can only be captured by a quick eye.  And it’s the little things that most often make the most difference in any situation.

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