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The Circus Comes To Town

September 17, 2009

You’ve read a lot (and will continue to read) about my comparisons and contrasts of Flint, MI and Vancouver, BC and with good reason. My four years there were…memorable…to say the least. Again, the curious and paradoxical duality of these two urban opposites is being whipped up by the happenings along Ann Arbor Street.

Vancouver is, literally, Hollywood North. If you view TV regularly, then you’re probably seeing Vancouver 6-12 times a day and not even knowing it. Film crews are as much a part of the landscape there as vacant lots are a part of Flint. But here, seeing the PA’s standing around in the circus (the off-site collection of storage trucks, actors’ trailers, catering services, moving trucks, etc.) and roads blocked off with a film crew off in the distance was too much. It brought one of those crazy cackling laughs and off-kilter smiles that make people look at you funny to my face (thankfully I was driving by in my car).

Stockton House, the “secret” location for the shoot, is the first to be used outside of Huckleberry Village and the first (if I remember correctly) since Semi-Pro to shoot downtown. Ironically, I missed that one because I was in Vancouver for several weeks.

So seeing this here, in Flint, is rather intriguing. It adds a new, if fleeting, layer to parts of the city that they’ve never seen before.

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