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Flint is…

July 12, 2010

Ms. Strachan, columnist and features coordinator with the Flint Journal, has posted a new story about her recent speaking engagement with the Flint Club’s, 4th Friday Lecture Series.

Stemming from one of the final take-aways of her nervously energetic stream-of-conciousness styled presentation, her article asks an important question that few take the time to ask these days, “What do we want Flint to be known by?” and touches on the importance that reputation, identity and branding have in announcing and promoting our city.  It recalls recent attempts, some intriguing (like the “Flint is…” stickers you occasionally see from an independent artist’s efforts a few years ago–please correct me if I’m wrong) and some a failure before they even start (like the current administration’s city seal/logo blunder where not only did they request spec work from Flint students, but doomed the whole effort because they didn’t realize it would violate city charter until after their grand announcement, advertised with a poorly designed and written flyer,  and never announced the results) but none that really stuck.

These efforts, of course, wither in the continuing onslaught of bad press, from sources like Forbes and The Flint Journal.

Answering the question of what Flint should be known as is what The Silver City blog is all about, and as I work to make updates a regular part of my weekly routine, I hope you all take the time to provide your own thoughts or feedback as well.  There are also a number of other efforts that are building mass and maturing a better perspective of Flint and the region.  Check out the “Changing Perceptions of Flint” email that the Flint Area Convention & Visitors Bureau puts out, Ms. Strachan’s ongoing features, any of the ‘Flint Blogs’ I’ve got listed–please let me know of others if they’re out there–Flint Club’s 4th Friday Lecture Series, 2nd Friday Art Walk, and the list goes on.

Flint is nothing if we sit back and wait for someone else to do all the work.

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